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Welcome to VIMOSA Exclusive Wines, your online wine store for fine wines at the Costa del Sol!
With our carefully curated selection of top-quality and exclusive wines, from all over the world, we bring the best of the vineyards directly to your doorstep.
At VIMOSA you will find the perfect wine for every occasion. Do you have something to celebrate? Check our amazing sparkling wines. Preparing a dinner with family or friends? Take a look at our white en red wine collection and of course our dessert wines. Or maybe you just want to enjoy a really nice rosé wine all by yourself, it's all good!
You can also book a delightful private wine tasting. We'd love to tell the story behind each bottle and tell you more about the winemakers! But most of all, it's about creating memories with your favourite people!
Discover the world of VIMOSA Exclusive Wines—where luxury meets accessibility. Start your wine adventure today, and let us be your guide to a world of extraordinary tastes!
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"It all begins with the story behind the wine, which I love to share with you during our (private) wine tastings"
Yasmin Belderok
Tell me more about wine tastings!
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Organizing a special dinner and need expert advice on wine pairings? Want to explore new and exciting varietals tailored to your palate?
Simply drop us a message via Contact Us, and our knowledgeable team will provide personalized recommendations to enhance your vinous journey.
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