Bodega Habla

Bodegas Habla ( is one of the most prestigious wineries in Spain. This winery is located in D.O. Extremadura and it is still a very unknown area for top winemaking.

Owners José Civantos and Juan Tirado of Bodegas Habla are from this region and originally planned to start a winery in the Rioja region or Napa Valley in the U.S.A.
Finally, after in-depth studies, they decided to take the "gamble" in their own region, to start producing wines at the highest level in Trujillo. It was a lucky shot: after all, nothing was left to chance. Extensive soil studies by specialists, especially from Bordeaux, convinced them this was a top location, climate and terroir. The ambition of the owners is to bring one of Spain's best wines to the market and they have definately succeeded!

In addition to their portfolio, the so-called ‘Habla Numbers’ are also released every year. The even numbers are always a single variety of Syrah or Tempranillo. These two are the Kings of Grapes of this area.

The odd numbers are a surprise every year and worth the wait. It is only when they think it is ready to drink and there are only a limited number of bottles available. Juan Tirado looks at what nature has to offer him and which grapes have had an outstanding good year. We think it is a beautiful and successful philosophy for making the perfect wine.

Check out the wines in our collection from this vineyard:
  • Red wine
Habla del Silencio
Habla nr.25