Wine tasting by VIMOSA

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Book your private wine tasting (Malaga) by VIMOSA Exclusive Wines now! Are you ready to go on tour in the wonderful world of wines?

Experience something truly special with VIMOSA Exclusive Wines – private wine tastings in beautiful Malaga! Click here for more info about the Malaga region.

Picture this: you and your favorite people, in your own private setting, enjoying fantastic wines. Our private wine tastings are like a party, just for you.

At Vimosa, we keep things simple and enjoyable. Whether you're a wine pro or just want to have fun, our tastings are designed for everyone.

We've selected some of the best and most exclusive wines from all over the globe with interesting stories from the winemakers. From rich reds to fresh whites and bubbly cavas, there's something for every taste. Check our total collection here.

But it's not just about wine; it's about creating wonderful moments during a tasting in Malaga. Our get-together is a chance to savor great wine and delicious food pairings in a relaxed, private setting.

 So why wait? Book your private wine tasting with VIMOSA Exclusive Wines now! Let's make memories together in Malaga!

What can you expect?

  • Costs: 39,95 euro per person (with bites 47,50 euro per person)
  • Wines: 5 (each accompanied by small matching bites)
  • Time: 2 hours 
  • Number of persons: from 8 persons. (Less is possible after consultation)
  • Travel distance: free of charge (less than 45 drive)
  • Language: English, Dutch, Spanish and German

     * Planning a bigger event or party? We also work with caterers, musicians and a private chef.

    If you want more information about wine tastings, want to plan a wine tasting or a bigger event or party? Please contact us via the contact form:

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