Bodega Vina Vilano

The bodega ( was founded in 1957 by the grandparents of Julian Pascuas Romera. Since then, it has been systematically expanded and modernized with the ultimate goal of becoming one of the top bodegas in the region. Today they seem to have more than succeeded at Viña Vilano. The current yield is already about 2.6 milion kg. Grapes per year. The harvest and selection of the grapes is still done by hand after three generations. Their wines are all impressive impressions of one of Spain’s leading wineregions. It’s their specialisation to experiment with different types of oak barrels that give each wine a typical and unique character. After tasting and estimating the aging potential, it is decided which wines are destined to become Roble, Crianza,

Reserva or Signature. The different types of barrels are also being selected at this time. Barrels from France, U.S.A Central or Eastern Europe (more or less toasted) determine the style of each specific cuvée. They are now internationally recognized and awarded and in our opinion this winery should certainly not miss out in your wine cellar.

 Check out the wines in our collection from this vineyard:

  • Red wine

Vilano Roble