Azienda Piersanti Vini

The wine producing company ( was founded in 1955 by Giovanni Piersanti and his children Silveria and Carlo. Later on Carlo’s sons, Giuliano and Ottavio, took over the business.

They have inherited from their father the passion for hard work receiving great satisfaction in return. In the beginning the wine house was no more than a room, where mostly sparkling wines were bottled which was their expertise. In the mid eighties, by following more and more demanding market requirements, Piersanti enlarged its premises and built a modern warehouse of more than 2,000 square m., which has now become the core of the business. The winery is centrally located  in the Appenine Mountains and along the Adriatic Sea. It is an area with a long history, the Romans even made wine here. It has ideal conditions for viticulture. Thanks to the gentle slopes, the calcareous terroir and the influences of the Adriatic sea, they together provide a perfect climate in wich the grapevine feels at home. Piersanti therefore became a master of making amazing Verdicchio.

Check out the wines in our collection from this vineyard:

  • White wine


Ori di Verdicchio

  • Red wine