Bodega Nodus - V Rosé

The V-Rosé is an award winning label with a beautiful story. Specially developed for beach clubs, restaurants and wine bars. The V-Rosé is made exclusively by winemaker Gonzalo Medina at the Bodega located in an ancient Spanish wine region at an altitude of 900 meters where organic wines are produced under D.O. Valencia. Combined with a microclimate and Mediterranean influences, this is the ideal place for the Bobal grape, which delivers the best juice with consistent quality every year.This Bobal grape, historically the local grape of Valencia, is an award winning grape that has already caused quite a stir. Due to all these ideal conditions and the expertise of the winemaker, V-Rose is able to offer the ultimate taste experience every year with only 1 grape variety from one single vineyard. The label has also been thought about. The ‘V’ from Valencia is designed in the shape of a bat. Historically, the bat is the protector of the rice fields in Valencia. The bat is seen there as an icon that symbolizes happiness and prosperity.