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Can Axartell ( is a wine estate in the northeast of Mallorca, not far from the town and port of Pollenca. It is one of the most progressive estates in the island, but looks back on centuries of tradition. When Hans peter Schwarzkopf and his family from Hamburg first visited tje site, they discoverd a centuries-old complex of well thought out estate buildings that had sadly largely fallen into ruins. He decided to refurbish it and built Can Axartell step by step into what it is today: a winery like no other in Mallorca that integrates harmoniously into the landscape, traditions and culture of the island. In 1999, when the first vineyards were still being plamnted, the owners had already applied for organic certification. The soil here has never been subjected to chemical treatment. Over time, 34 hectares of vines have been planted on the finca itself, with an additional 24 hectares in the inland, near the town of Villafranca de Bonany. The vineyards contacin both native and imported varieties. In the last decade it has become clear that Mallorca has an unusually rich wealth of indigenous grapes. The most famous red varietes are Callet and Manto Negro. In fact, Callet was the first to be planted in Can Axartell. Premsal is the most commonly grown white variety. As the vineyards continued to grow year after year, the plans for the bodega also took shape. The decisive question was how to practically apply the Methode

Gravetat, a gravity based system of wine production that eliminates the need for pumping. The owner and experts came up with a plan to build the bodega on the site of the estate’s abandoned quarry, which had long dented the hillside like a ’an ugly open wound’. As a wonderful added benefit the original mound could be filled with earh that slowly returned to it’s natural state. The ground is now beautifully green coloured and blends harmoniously with it’s surroundings. The position and design of the bodega (up to 4 floors!) ensures cool temperatures between 16 & 18 C. This is positve for both the production and storage of wines. The climate also pleases the workes, who can find some gespirte from the Mallorcan heat that routinely exceeds 30 and 40 degrees in summer.  As they say themselves: The best wine is made with respect: for nature, it’s environment, the traditions that stem from it and for future generations.

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