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About this Spanish red wine:

Meet Ramirez Tinto Joven, the spirited Spanish red wine straight from the heart of Rioja Alta. This vino tinto isn't just any red—it's a very young wine, full of lively character.

Picture a sip that's like a stroll through sun-soaked vineyards, where every grape carries the freshness of youth. Ramirez Tinto Joven is your passport to the simple joy of uncomplicated, vibrant flavors.

Transition into a world where the price is as friendly as the taste. This vino tint isn't trying to be fancy; it's here to bring a touch of everyday delight to your table. Elevate your moments with Ramirez Tinto Joven—because sometimes, the best things in life are refreshingly simple.

  • Vineyard: Ramirez de la Piscina 
  • Grape: Tempranillo
  • Year: 2021
  • Taste profile: Fruity on the nose. Initially there is some mild tannin on the palate, followed by sweetness and fullness, strong fruitiness, reminiscent of strawberry with licorice. Nice to be able to drink such a fresh style Rioja!
  • Vinification: Normally, grapes are crushed, after which fermentation starts. But with this process, whole bunches disappear in closed cuves (or tanks) without intervention. Fermentation starts in the grapes, which eventually burst open themselves. This produces very fruity, wonderfully fragrant, brightly colored wines. Happens a lot in Beaujolais (wine region in the south-west of France.
  • Wine region: Rioja Alta
  • Food combination: Wonderfully chilled, with various antipasti. But also with meat dishes such as lamb, poultry. This Rioja combines beautifully with rice dishes that are not too spicy.
  • Alcohol percentage: 14%
  • Color: Light purple
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