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About this Spanish cava:

Discover the delightful Spanish cava, Nodus Cava Brut!

Nodus Cava Brut from vineyard Nodus, is a special kind of sparkling wine from Spain, and it's perfect for anyone who loves cava. When you taste it, you'll experience the rich history of Spanish winemaking.

This Spanish cava is unique because it's fizzy and has a fresh, tangy taste with hints of citrus. It's like a sip of Spain's sunny vineyards in every glass.

Plus, this cava is a great choice for all sorts of celebrations or even just a quiet evening at home. It adds a touch of elegance to any occasion.

In short, Nodus Cava Brut isn't just a sparkling wine; it's a taste of Spain's winemaking tradition. Try it today and enjoy the simple pleasure of Spanish cava. 

  • Vineyard: Nodus
  • Grape: Macabeu & Chardonnay
  • Year: 2022
  • Taste profile: A nice dry cava and thanks to the addition of the Chardonnay also soft in the aftertaste. Elegant mousse.
  • Vinification: Second fermentation takes place in the bottle and then matures for another 24 months in the bottle.
  • Wine region: Valencia 
  • Food combination: We like to drink this sparkling wine as an aperitif with soft and salty dishes. Think of oysters au gratin, or delicious with sashimi and umami-like tapas.
  • Alcohol percentage: 
  • Color: 12%
  • Biological: Yes
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