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About this Spanish white wine:

Welcome to the world of Can Axartell Corum, a Spanish white wine, from vineyard Can Axartell, that's an invitation to Mallorca's sun-soaked charm. With each sip, you'll taste the vibrant flavors of this Mediterranean island.

This white wine is like sipping sunshine – full tones of vanilla dance on your palate, accompanied by delicate floral hints. It's the taste of Mallorca's terroir and traditions in a glass.

Can Axartell Corum is Mallorca in a bottle. The island's unique climate and soil infuse the grapes with character, creating an elegant and approachable vino blanco, perfect for any occasion.

  • Vineyard: Can Axartell
  • Grape: Malvasia 
  • Year: 2021
  • Taste profile: In the nose intense and especially carried by the grape Malvasía. In addition, full tones of vanilla, cream and nuts due to aging in French oak. In addition to the strong flavors also notes of stone fruit and flowers in this stunnig white wine. 
  • Vinification: The processing of this white wine takes place from the highest point of the bodega, where the grapes are led down and the must is created thanks to natural gravity, without the use of mechanical presses. 9 months aging in French barrels and on fine lees.
  • Wine region: Pollenca
  • Food combination: This white wine is wonderful to enjoy as is, but even better with smoked fish. Also very tasty with veal or chicken roulade.
  • Alcohol percentage: 12%
  • Color: Golden yellow
  • Biological: Yes
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