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About this Spanish red wine:

Unveil the artistic expression in every pour with "The Artist," a captivating Spanish "vino tinto" straight from Pollenca's picturesque vineyards.

Transition into a realm where complexity meets charm—this red wine is a masterpiece of flavors that unfold like a carefully crafted painting. As a biological wine, "The Artist" channels the essence of Pollenca's soil and sun, creating a taste journey that's both natural and extraordinary. Picture each sip as a brushstroke, revealing layers of richness and depth.

More than a red wine, "The Artist" is an invitation to savor the unexpected. Elevate your palate with this dynamic blend that defies the norm. Your taste buds are in for a gallery-worthy experience—indulge in the artistic allure of Pollenca's finest vino tinto.


  • Vineyard: Can Axartell
  • Grape: Syrah, Merlot, Callet, Manto Negro
  • Year: 
  • Taste profile: Complex aromas of blackberries, blueberries, plums and black cherries rise from the glass. As well as cinnamon, smoke, toast, cocoa and delicate vanilla. The influence of the oak upbringing is present, but beautifully balanced; it supports rather than dictates.
  • Vinification: The processing takes place from the highest point of the bodega, where the grapes are led down and the must is created thanks to natural gravity, without the use of mechanical presses. 12 months aging in French 225l barrels.
  • Wine region: Pollenca
  • Food combination:  Can be used with all kinds of roasted meat dishes, matured cheeses and bbq.
  • Alcohol percentage: 
  • Color: Purple
  • Biological: Yes
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Customer Reviews

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Linda T.
Really Enjoyed The Artist.

It is definitely a nice, full bodied wine which we paired with meat and vegetables on the grill. Many thanks!