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About this Spanish white wine:

Experience the magic of Spanish white wine with Pasion de Moscatel, a delightful "vino blanco" that's all about celebrating the fantastic Moscatel grape.

Pasion de Moscatel from vineyard Sierra Norte, is like an invitation to take a little journey through Spain's winemaking traditions. This white wine is all about the good stuff – tradition, dedication, and the joy of each sip.

What's so special about this Spanish white wine? It's the Moscatel grape! This grape is known for its fancy aromas and unique flavors, and every glass feels like a bit of Spain's sunny vineyards in a bottle.

And the best part? This Pasion de Moscatel is a team player. It goes great with all kinds of food and occasions. So whether you're having a seafood feast or just a relaxed evening with pals, this wine adds a touch of charm to your moments.

In a nutshell, Pasion de Moscatel isn't just a wine; it's an easygoing way to enjoy the best of Spain in a glass. Try it today and savor the pure joy of Spanish white wine. 

  • Vineyard: Sierra Norte
  • Grape: Moscatel
  • Year: 2022
  • Taste profile: Dusty nose with green apple, lychee, pineapple, jasmine and blossom. Very characteristic Muscat aromas. This wine is very fruity and floral at the start with a beautiful acid structure and a full aftertaste.
  • Vinification: After harvesting, the grapes undergo a cold skin maceration for 12 hours. They are then gently pressed to extract the juice. The wine is aged on its lees until it is bottled.
  • Wine region: Utiel Requena
  • Food combination: Wonderfully 'extinguishing' with spicy and exotic dishes. Also very tasty with goat cheese.
  • Alcohol percentage: 12,5%
  • Color: Lime yellow
  • Biological: Yes
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