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About this Spanish red wine:

First, let's embark on an extraordinary journey through Spanish winemaking with CEPA 21 frome vineyard CEPA 21.  A remarkable vino tinto crafted from the Tempranillo grape in the famous Ribera del Duero region. Let us unveil the rich tapestry of flavors and traditions that make CEPA 21 a true masterpiece.

Also, CEPA 21 eloquently embodies the essence of the Tempranillo grape, offering a symphony of flavors that dance across your palate. From its initial notes to the enduring finish, this vino tinto reflects the heart and soul of Spanish winemaking.

Furthermore, CEPA 21 harmoniously marries time-honored winemaking techniques with modern innovation, paying homage to the rich heritage of Ribera del Duero. It's a testament to the region's prowess in crafting exceptional Spanish red wine.

Finally, raise your glass of CEPA 21 to toast life's finest moments. Whether you're savoring it with friends or enjoy a moment all by yourself, this red wine elevates every experience to one of richness and depth.

  • Vineyard: CEPA 21
  • Grape: Tempranillo
  • Year: 2020
  • Taste profile: Wine from the Moro Family. An amazing red wine full of black fruit, blackberries, cherry and licorice. Also think of licorice, pepper, powerful cassis and vanilla. Striking freshness! 
  • Vinification: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks, then malolactic fermentation and aging for 14 months in 85% French and 15% American barrels.
  • Wine region: Ribera del Duero
  • Food combination: This 'vino tinto' is delicious with Iberico cutlets, pork cheek and spare ribs. Asian food and Indian food.
  • Alcohol percentage: 14%
  • Color: Cherry red
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