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About this Italian white wine:

Firstly, the introduction (with pride).... Bacaréto, from vineyard Agricola Piersanti, a truly amazing Italian white wine that captures the soul of Italy's winemaking tradition. Crafted with the Verdicchio grape, this wine radiates the essence of sun-soaked Italian vineyards and centuries-old expertise.

Bacareto's charm lies in its simplicity and authenticity. With a pale golden hue, it reflects the Italian sunlight that nourishes the vines. Each sip reveals the grape's character and offers a glimpse into the Italian countryside.

So, transport yourself to the beautiful landscapes of Italy, where tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony. Bacareto embodies this balance, making it a delightful and unparalleled addition to your wine collection. 

Finally, raise a glass to Bacaréto – a taste of Italy in every drop, a touch of Italy in every moment.

  • Vineyard: Agricola Piersanti
  • Grape: Verdicchio
  • Year: 2022
  • Taste profile: This great Italian white wine is fresh, quite harmonious and has a round taste. Also the almond bitter, that is typical for the Verdicchio, is reflected in this delicious white wine. It's soft and elegant.
  • Vinification: Grapes are harvested late and pressed gently. Malolactic fermentation and a short barrel aging of 3 months.
  • Wine region: Marken
  • Food combination: This white wine is delicious with mussels, shellfish, scallops and also very delicious with antipasti.
  • Alcohol percentage: 14%
  • Color: Light yellow
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