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About this Spanish cava:

Prepare for a bubbly journey like no other as we introduce you to El Serralet Brut Nature from vineyard Rosell Mir, a captivating Spanish cava that embodies the essence of celebration. Made with care and enthusiasm, this sparkling delight promises to give your taste buds an amazing experience they won't forget.

El Serralet Brut Nature orchestrates a symphony of flavors, where the effervescence of cava meets a delightful crispness. As you sip, you'll taste a mix of citrusy notes and hints of toast, creating a pleasing harmony on your palate.

Elevate your celebrations and everyday moments with El Serralet Brut Nature. Whether you're toasting to achievements, milestones, or simply savoring the pleasure of the present, this cava promises to make each experience extraordinary.

Indulge in the world of El Serralet Brut Nature, where each bottle encapsulates the tradition and artistry of Spanish cava. Elevate your sparkling wine journey with this exquisite cava, and let it be your companion in celebrating the beauty of life.

  • Vineyard: Rosell Mir
  • Grape: Macabeu & Parellada
  • Year: 2022
  • Taste profile: A pure and dry sparkling wine. Notes of biscuit, lime and white fruit.
  • Vinification: This cava brut nature is made according to the traditional method. A second fermentation takes place and the bubble is created! This cava then matures for another 15 months in the bottle.
  • Wine region: Catalunya
  • Food combination: A traditional and dry sparkling wine that goes perfectly with a high tea. Obviously a tasty aperitif, but also delicious with salty fish.
  • Alcohol percentage: 11,5%
  • Color: Light Yellow
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