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About this Spanish white wine:

Join us for an extraordinary wine adventure with Pazo Barrantes, a Spanish white wine that's genuinely exceptional, thanks to 2 years of maturation on acacia wood and an additional 1.5 years of bottle aging.

Pazo Barrantes from vineyard Marques de Murrieta, isn't your ordinary white wine. It's a true masterpiece, crafted meticulously following Spain's centuries-old winemaking traditions. With its extended aging in the bottle and acacia wood, it's like a symphony of flavors that has matured to perfection.

What makes this Spanish white wine truly outstanding? It's the remarkable Albariño grape, renowned for its elegant and one-of-a-kind flavors, enhanced by the aging process that takes you on a journey to Spain's sun-soaked vineyards with every sip.

In a nutshell, Pazo Barrantes isn't just a wine; it's an invitation to explore the best of Spain, matured in a bottle and enriched by acacia wood, making it a true gem among Spanish white wines. Elevate your "vino blanco" experience and discover the pure joy and complexity of Pazo Barrantes. Try it today and savor the magic of this top-tier Spanish white wine.

  • Vineyard:  Marques de Murrieta
  • Grape: Albarino
  • Year: 2019
  • Taste profile: A top wine with aromas of ripe stone fruit, flowers, refined spiciness and minerals. A rich, broad flavor with a nice structure. The acidity is nicely intertwined with the wine and therefore this Gran Vino Pazo Barrantes has an excellent balance.
  • Vinification: Matured sur lie, so that the yeast cells remain mixed with the wine and more body is created. Subsequently 2 years aging on Acacia wood (15%). A bottle aging of 1.5 years!
  • Wine region: Rias Baixas
  • Food combination: Great with grilled fish. Very tasty with garlic paste, carrabineros, squid or clams.
  • Alcohol percentage: 13%
  • Color: Straw yellow
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